Student Council Parliament Visit

Posted on: January 30th 2017College Events

After getting the 5:50 am train from Loughborough, we arrived in St Pancras and got onto the packed rush-hour tube train into the heart of London. We walked past the Palace of Westminster to a café to have breakfast and then went back and had a tour of Parliament. We went into the House of Commons and Lord’s (they’re much smaller than they look on TV) and looked around all of the corridors and learnt a lot about the history and traditions of the Palace.

Nicky Morgan - the MP for Loughborough - met us in Westminster Hall (which is 900 years old) and we asked her questions about her job and her experiences of working within the government.

We took a short walk past Downing Street, Horse Guard’s Parade and Trafalgar Square then caught the tube to Covent Garden where we had lunch in a posh restaurant. Having done that, we caught the tube to Piccadilly Circus where we watched the theatre production of Jersey Boys, which was superb.

It was a phenomenal day – even if we did catch the wrong train home!

Written by James 11JLA Student Councillor for Year 11