At De Lisle we encourage all students to take responsibility for their behaviour. They are expected to be:

Ready  -  Respectful  -  Safe


  • Wearing correct and smart uniform at ALL times
  • To learn – having the correct equipment, books and planner
  • With a positive attitude and working to the best of their ability


  • Being kind to others
  • Following instructions the first time
  • Respecting the environment and putting litter in the bin
  • Using good manners, saying please and thank you and holding the door for others
  • Leaving the classroom tidy for others.


  • Keeping hands and feet to themselves
  • Not running in the corridors
  • Thinking before speaking and acting

Mobile Phones:

  • Phones to be away and in bags at 8.50am until 3.20pm
  • Phones can only be used with permission from a teacher
  • If your phone is heard or visible, it will be taken from you and taken to the Student Support area
  • Phones can be collected at 3.20pm and NOT before
  • You will not be allowed to leave your lesson early to collect your phone

Classroom Expectations:

Rewards Sanctions
  • Arrive on time to lessons, ready to learn, with smart uniform the correct equipment.Complete ALL work set by the teacher
    = 1 Praise point.
  • Help and support another student or a member of staff 
    = 2 Praise points.
  • Complete extra work over and above what has been set 
    = 2 praise points
  • ALL positive behaviour will be recorded on
    Go 4 Schools so staff and parents can see this.
  • Well done!
  • Not following instructions 1st time 
    = 1st warning
  • Any form of low level disruption
    = warning
  • If behaviour does not improve and your or others’ learning is affected 
    = 2nd warning


  • Move seats within the classroom
  • Move to another class within the same department / Learning Area
  • On Call system used.
  • ALL negative action will be recorded on 
    Go 4 Schools.

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