More than one way to pray

Our year 7 students were invited into the chapel to experience different ways to pray.

Here are some responses from our students to the lesson:

'The chapel was brilliant. It was calm and peaceful and the ways of praying were incredibly enjoyable.' Jake.

'My favourite activity was the modelling clay…I modelled a microphone because I am grateful for my voice.' Isabel.

'I really enjoyed the chapel visit because it felt like God was with us at the time' William.

'I really enjoyed the Chapel visit, as I could let myself be really creative in prayer.' Isabel.

'There is no wrong way of praying…….we are all unique.' Reece.

'The Chapel visit was amazing... My favourite activity was the play dough modelling, where we could reflect on something as we made it.' Avisha.

As you have read it was a wonderful experience to experience the different ways to pray and as Jolene from7KBR said, 'You can't pray wrong. You can pray in lots of ways because it doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as you mean it.'

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