Posted on: May 10th 2016College Events

Before going to Auschwitz everyone kept telling me to prepare. Prepare to feel shocked, prepare to feel disgust and prepare to feel overwhelmed. However, what I was not told to prepare for, was the potent sense of inspiration.

The million plus who died at Auschwitz-Birkenau never got to see the camp and return home, but I did, and now I have a duty to those people to make their death something different then an act of persecution and genocide. Despite the aim to wipe out a race - a religion, the Nazi's failed. They failed to eradicate their faith, they failed to eradicate their culture and they failed to eradicate their lives. And every time we fail to recognise that their death represents the dangers of hate, we fail them.

We fail them because we hate too. We still hate. No matter who said "Never forget. Never again" after the holocaust, they have failed. There are still racial persecutions, there are still people who do not even know what Auschwitz was.

The camp took millions of lives and now it gives life. We, the surviving generations are that life and we must instead make sure that we use it to spread love, hope and faith. So what lesson have I learnt from Auschwitz? I've learnt that despite what people say faith isn't a weakness, it is a strength and overall do not hate.


Molly Earp (Year 12)