Finley - Police Cadet of the Year

Posted on: October 8th 2019College Events


Congratulations to Year 13 student Finley on his well-deserved achievement, Leicestershire Police Cadet of the Year 2019.

I am currently in my fourth year of being a Leicestershire Police Cadet. During that time I have had the privilege of serving as the High Sheriff Cadet for Rutland and have been involved in some truly rewarding events. The role of a cadet is to support the Police at events, such as ‘Leicester Pride’ and the ‘CiCle Classic’ each year, giving service to the community.

In October I was awarded ‘Police Cadet of the Year’ for 2019. This is an achievement I am immensely proud of; it was an honour to receive this award. Next year I hope to join the Police and become an officer.

Finley, Year 13

Margaret Miles, the High Sheriff of Rutland, said: “Finley has been a first class Police cadet in every way. He is reliable and thoughtful, using his own initiative wisely. He is an excellent communicator with all age groups and is always fully engaged with every activity or occasion. It has been a real privilege to have Finley as my Police Cadet. I wish him all the very best for his chosen career with the Police.”