'The Wizard of Oz'

Posted on: February 28th 2020College Events


A new year, a new production, and many audience members waiting to see what we’re going to do next. This time, we did The Wizard of Oz – a production which was a journey that I’m sure none of us are going to forget anytime soon!

This year De Lisle did something  that they haven’t done in a long time – a complete double casting! This has been wonderful, as throughout rehearsals we all had someone to rely on, and ultimately be inspired by as we watch the other perform on stage. The bond between castmates is as strong as ever this year – helping each other backstage in those quick change overs and being there for each other’s nerves. The tech crew and orchestra has done a fantastic job yet again of being in step with all the action and elevating each performance. 

A massive well-done and thank you to the Performing Arts staff for being so creative with the set and staging to bring the seemingly impossible spectacles to life on the De Lisle stage. And a thank you for the direction and support they’ve given to all students involved with this production – it has really made our Wizard of Oz all the more magical.

For more photos please see the Photo Diary.

Becky, Year 12