Mural Competition Winner

Posted on: November 23rd 2020College Events


Mural Competition Winner

The winner of the Mural Competition is Imogen in Year 8This is Imogen's thoughtful and constructive description of her wonderful mural design.

'I entered my mural art as a little bit of fun, something to work on that I enjoyed. I honestly did not expect to even win in the slightest as I would be competing against all years up to 6th form. When I received the email that I had won, I was so happy and didn't even know what to say! I had spent about 4-5 days on my design and was so happy it all paid off. 

Seeing as the theme of the mural was creation, I started off by planning out and sketching down the main elements of creation. I decided to use ideas from Genesis 1 and the seven days of creation. So I started off by drawing the beam of light, then earth part way through the middle which divide the light into the colours of the rainbow (to show the earth was good).Then I drew the sky and space in the top left-hand corner and added the Holy Spirit in the form of a bird. To represent day 3 of Genesis, I added waves down near the bottom right to represent water. Then I added trees and plants just under the dove. To represent day 6 I added animals and humans. Lastly, I added a cross and the words `In harmony with creation' to bring it all together.' 

Imogen 8C1

A message from Luke, Deputy Head Boy and the Student Engagement Sub-committee:

'Congratulations to Imogen, the winner of the competition! The design is symbolic and thought-provoking and we think it will look amazing on the Canteen courtyard wall.'

How the mural project came about:

'The idea for a mural within the school came to me whilst waiting for a panini during break-time in the school Diner. As I waited, I looked towards the courtyard wall on my left and thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity to have an inspirational, thought-provoking mural that staff and students could see and enjoy from various rooms and corridors.

This idea for a mural developed into a school project, which the Student Engagement Subcommittee and I led with excitement. 

We chose ‘In Harmony with Creation’ for the title of the mural as it focuses on appreciating people and the nature that surrounds us, which we thought was relevant in today’s world. We also thought that it would be great to inspire and involve all De Lisle students, so we encouraged them to design a mural for the wall as part of a school competition. This was an amazing opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and ideas and we were thrilled to see so many of them inspired by it. In total, we received over one hundred design entries for the competition and it was wonderful to see them all laid out on several tables.

After a lot of dedication and hard work, the subcommittee and I are really pleased with the project’s achievements so far. The next steps involve preparing for the painting of the mural, so that students and staff can enjoy it for many years to come.'