Lateral Flow Test Centre at De Lisle

Posted on: January 8th 2021College Events


Lateral flow test centre up and running at De Lisle!


The staff room at De Lisle has been transformed into our own test centre for COVID-19.  On Friday, our fully-trained team carried out the first lateral flow tests on 85 members of staff.  The lateral flow test allows asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 to be identified within 30 minutes.  The test has been fully evaluated by researchers at the University of Oxford, and has over 95% reliability for people with a high viral load (i.e. those people who are most contagious and pose the greatest transmission risk to others.

When schools reopen, we will be able to offer the test to students as well as members of staff.  This will reduce the number of students having to stay at home and self-isolate as a result of coming into contact with a positive case.