All Saints' Mass

Posted on: November 1st 2021College Events


On Monday 1 November, we celebrated the beautiful feast of All Saints, a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church. All students in Year 8 walked down to St Mary's Church, in Loughborough, along with altar servers and musicians from all years. We are very grateful to Father Paul Gillham for making his beautiful church available, and for celebrating Mass for us. A voluntary Mass was also held in college during Prep Time on Tuesday for students in other year groups.

All Saints’ Day is dedicated to all those who have died and now reside with God in Heaven. The Church has many official saints, whose holiness has been recognised and whose life stories are offered to us as an example of how we should live. However, on All Saints’ Day, we give thanks for our departed loved ones, who, by the grace of God, have attained the condition of sainthood. In that sense, the feast of All Saints teaches that all of us are called to be saints; it is a celebration of the ordinary, fragile human beings who have gone before us “marked with the sign of faith”. Our loved ones, who once touched our lives by their presence on Earth, are now able to watch over us and guide us in a special way. We pray to them for their intercession and guidance on All Saints' Day.