Boys' Basketball Bronze Medal

Posted on: November 16th 2021College Events


After two early defeats to Rawlins Academy and Limehurst Academy respectively, De Lisle secured a last gasp victory against Rawlins Academy ‘B’ to secure a third-place finish at their most recent tournament. In the final game, the score was 17-15 in De Lisle’s favour. Both teams were pushing for quick baskets and the game was end to end heading into the last minute. Rawlins Academy ‘B’ realised that time was running out, with only 15 seconds left their point guard found space on the halfway line and scored an impressive basket to make the scores level. However, the game wasn’t over, Harvey stepped up with less than 5 seconds to go and scored his own halfway line shot, De Lisle victorious 19-17! Great basketball played by all involved!

Mr Powell, PE