Brexit Negotiations

Posted on: June 21st 2017College Events


Whilst Brexit negotiations were beginning to get underway in Brussels, year 12 Economics students were challenged to carry out a simulation of these talks themselves.  Students were assigned roles such as Theressa May, David Davis – Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Michel Barnier – Chief Negotiator for the EU, and Donald Tusk – President of the European Council.

The simulated negotiations were supported by UACES - the academic association for Contemporary European Studies and were led by Helen Drake, Professor of French and European Studies at Loughborough University and current UACES Chair.

The aim of the simulated talks was to reach a consensus on the question of free movement of both EU nationals in the UK and British nationals in the EU post-Brexit.   Students were required to think critically about the current political landscape, present the viewpoint of a real-world stakeholder and engage in a moderated debate.

Our students were complimented on their level of understanding, and also in the way in which they approached the simulation itself, and they were grateful to have been given the opportunity by UACES to take part; and who knows perhaps we have a future politician, or even Prime Minister, amongst our students!