Namibia 2017

Posted on: July 7th 2017Trips & Expeditions



As part of the team that travelled to Namibia in July 2017, I can confirm that it was in fact a life changing experience, however cliché that may be. Having the opportunity to become immersed in a culture completely different to the one that I have grown up in has shown me how lucky we are and how we should enjoy and relish every opportunity we are given. 

Upon arrival at Grootberg Primary School, I alongside many others on the trip were overwhelmed by the appreciation the children had for everything they had and everything we were doing for them. Throughout our time at the school, I believe the children gave as much to us as we gave to them, however this was through teaching us the importance of enjoying every moment and living life to the full. While at Grootberg, we were also fortunate enough to be guests at a dance on the final night, the “Shakey, Shakey”, this was an experience I will never forget as it allowed the children to share their culture with us through music in a way I am sad to say I will never experience again. Throughout the days we spent at the school, all of us from De Lisle grew closer to one another, and closer to the children at the school, many of whom we will never forget.

The trip also gave us the more selfish opportunity to travel around Etosha, one of the most beautiful national parks in the world where we saw all sorts of African wildlife in their natural habitat and allowed us to enjoy the beautiful country we were in, in all its glory.

This experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. Namibia has changed my perspective on the world around me and what the future will hold. I would urge anyone given the opportunity to take part in a trip like this to just do it! I wish I could go over and over again.

Megan 13VBA