CR Civil Engineering Visit

Posted on: April 28th 2022Trips & Expeditions


Earlier in the year, apprentices from CR Civil Engineering provided assemblies to Year 10 and 11 students on the subject of careers in the construction sector and to promote apprenticeships.  As a follow-up to this, a group of students from Year 10 and 11, who are interested in careers in this sector, had the opportunity to visit the company’s training yard in Ripley, Derbyshire on Thursday 28 April.   

As part of the visit, students were given an induction on health and safety and made aware of rules for working in a construction yard.  After being kitted out with hi-vis jackets, students took part in a series of have-a-go activities based around different equipment used in the construction industry.  This included a tour of the construction yard and being able to control JCB digging equipment (after having this demonstrated to them).  Students were also given information about trucks and the transportation of equipment, as well as the chance to speak to a variety of experts employed in the construction trade. 

At the end of the visit, students were given a gift bag and were debriefed – with the opportunity to ask questions and take away careers information to research roles and apprenticeships in more detail.

We are very grateful to Jessica from CR Civil Engineering for supporting the students and arranging such an engaging day for them. Thank you also to Mr Archer for accompanying the students on this visit.

For more photos please see the Photo Diary.

Mr Vaughan, Head of Year 10 & Mr Greenwood, Careers