Visits from our Deanery Priests

Posted on: March 1st 2018College Events


Thanks to the generosity of our deanery priests, our young people have been given many opportunities over the last term for prayer, reflection and discussion. We have enjoyed a rich and varied range of discussions in class, from prayer to prophecy, the problem of evil to priestly vocation. Alongside opportunities within the RE classrooms, we have had the opportunity for Mass, both at lunchtimes and in class groups, confession and the Stations of the Cross. Staff and students alike have said how thought provoking and interesting the discussions have been and we feel fortunate to have benefitted from the wisdom and insight of our priests. Students have also enjoyed asking questions to get to know the priests a little better and have been delighted to find out, alongside other more spiritual matters, which football teams our priests support and which television programmes they enjoy watching!

On behalf of the priests of the deanery, Fr. Peter Vellacott, the Dean, commented how welcome each of the priests has been made during the times they have visited and how the priests themselves have been so impressed with the young people, be it in the classroom in discussions or in celebration of the sacraments. He said: “The openness and willingness to engage with questions about God, the Church, the faith, to welcome the priests and engage with their ministry and life, has been impressive and is not only a credit to the young people of De Lisle and their teachers but also has helped to enrich the relationship between the school and the deanery, between young people and their local priests. Long may this continue for the good of all.”


Some quotes from our students:

Megan (year 7): I found meeting Fr Paul very interesting because he was telling us what he has to do in his everyday life. He uses a book to say prayers every day, which he makes sure he does. I really enjoyed his stories of his childhood and found it interesting how he became a priest.

Aiden (year 7): It was fun and enjoyable seeing the priest who baptised my brother. He made some jokes which were funny. I was pleased that he recognised me. He told us about when he was ordained and when he got to meet Pope Francis.

Shaun (year 9): Fr Clement was inspirational because he was so enthusiastic. He spoke about the mission to encourage more people to become priests, especially where there are fewer chances to do so.

Cerys (year 9): He had a different story to other priests about how he became a priest. I was inspired that he left his home in Africa to move to England to be a priest here.

Sophie (year 7): We learnt about Fr Peter and how long he trained to become a priest. He taught us about prayer, which was our topic.

Aaron (year 7): We learnt about different types of prayers and how becoming a priest takes a lot of training. We learnt about his dog collar and why he wears it.

Jessica (year 9): It was good to have another insight into faith. I really enjoyed Fr Denis’ perspectives on religious practices and how he widened our perspective of the world and religion.

Gabriel (year 9): It was a very fun and enjoyable experience when Fr Denis came in. His thoughts and opinions were very valuable as we receive a detailed insight into his own faith, and has now expanded our own thoughts on the world, as well as his religion.