Year 7 at The Briars

Posted on: March 2nd 2018Trips & Expeditions


A group of Year 7 students spent a week at The Briars, the Diocesan Youth Centre in Matlock, at the end of February.

We took part in morning prayer and it was a nice way to start the day as it was calming. We did all sorts of activities like designing a friend and finding out about Fairtrade. It made me feel calmer as it gave me time to think and to listen to my heart. It was really fun in the snow as we could make different sculptures – I made a dog. I deepened my faith as it allowed me to open up my heart to see God when I sometimes get distracted. It also gave me time to think properly about my faith.

Mariela, 7SDE


The disco was good and we did lots of activities. It made me feel good because we had fun. It was fun to play in the snow with friends and we had Mass that helped me get closer to God.

Nick, 7OKI

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