Books for Africa

Posted on: December 18th 2015College Events

Education is a necessity to ensure a higher standard of life. Here in the UK this is perhaps taken for granted, and is always being reformed, with the latest changes resulting in textbooks which aren't suitable for the current curriculum.

Ex-teacher at De Lisle College Mr Muchina realised the potential that these textbooks had, and used his links to organise donating them to a school in Zimbabwe, Lingfield private school, located in the midland region of Zimbabwe and founded in 2012. Running on a not-for-profit scheme, it aimed at enabling a generation to resolve problems unique to Africa; however being new to the area, they lacked books and teaching material. This meant that, when offered, they welcomed De lisle's generous donation and it quickly became very successful. Mr Muchina went on to say that: "the books go a long way to satisfy the hunger for education of students in Southern Africa". The success of last year's donation, has resulted in a second year of sending books to Lingfield, with current De Lisle teacher, Mr Glover, saying that it is important to continue this as " being able to invest in the education of children in a different part of the world, by simply offering resources to a school where they will have years of use is extremely rewarding from a teachers point of view".

We wish all students at Lingfield School the best of luck with their education.

Story Molly Earp and Radha Bhandari

Photos Show Students posing with the books ready to send.

Students of Lingfield proud of their new school and books.