World Book Day

Posted on: March 7th 2019College Events

World Book Day 2019 - QR Codes, free book tokens and much, much more…

During the week leading up to World Book Day, students took part in a variety of activities and quizzes to celebrate the magic of books, to gain an appreciation of the world of literature and the life-long pleasure of reading.

The Whodunit Murder Mystery Quiz gave students the opportunity to answer questions using books to solve the mystery of the body in the library. The eventual winners were Elias in the Year 7-9 age group and Peter in the Year 10-13 age group. They were both very methodical in working out the clues and were correct in their answers of location, weapon and murderer.

Students taking part in the QR Code Challenge had to search for the QR Codes hidden around college to answer questions on various genres of literature. Two of our Year 7 students, George and Willow, found all of the clues and were the only students to answer all of the questions correctly.

Other quiz winners:

Complete the Book Title

Winners: Years 7-9 – All of 9KBR, Years 10-13 – Saoirse, Alfie and Harry 11MBR

Celebrities Reading Quiz

Winners: Niamh and Lottie 11SBA

First Lines Quiz

Anna, Dom and Owen 13KBL

Heroes and Heroines Quiz

All of 13SLE

Guess the Book Title Quiz

Years 7-8 Alex 7CGL

Years 9-11 Kunal 9AWA

Years 12-13 – Ellie 13SHE

The £1 World Book Day Tokens were distributed on Thursday to every student in the college, giving them the opportunity to either spend it on a special £1 book from participating stores or towards purchasing a more expensive book.

Mrs Badock, Librarian