Rocket Science

Posted on: May 10th 2016College Events

De Lisle students are taking part in a nationwide school experiment to study the effect of microgravity on the growth of seeds.

The massed experiment, called Rocket Science, could help researchers to develop ways to grow food in space, which will be essential if humans travel to distant planets.

Tim Peake the British astronaut who has been working up on the International Space Station has sent back to Earth  rocket seeds that have been in orbit with him. They will be compared to the growth of  rocket seeds that have stayed on Earth.

"This will be genuinely useful science," he told BBC News. "There will be impacts from zero gravity and from cosmic radiation and no one really knows what those will be.

The experiment is running for 35 days, measurements from the seedlings' growth will be recorded and the results published.

Pictured getting ready to sow the rocket seeds are Cerys year 7, Jashandeep, year 9 and Reuben, year 7.

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