School of Rock

Posted on: May 2nd 2019College Events


‘School of Rock’. You know - the one where that guy pretends to be a teacher!

The ‘School of Rock’ journey began in October 2018 when this year’s musical was announced. Countless enthusiastic students prepared their auditions and these took place in the following month.

The hard work soon commenced with rehearsals beginning in the new year. Since the start of rehearsals, new friendships have blossomed amidst all the hard work in the rehearsals. Being part of a production takes a great deal of commitment and our production team have gone above and beyond to put together a highly successful show. Many rewards have come from these sacrifices – excitement in advance of the productions and absolute euphoria afterwards!

A much-deserved ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ to all of those involved: performers, dancers, musicians, technicians, backstage team as well as all the staff involved. Many thanks also to the audiences for supporting the show.

What a journey it has been and a journey which I’m sure everyone involved will hold dearly and remember for many years to come!

For more photos please see the Photo Diary.

Kian Beeby, Deputy Head Boy