Maths Events

Posted on: June 27th 2019College Events


A group of Year 9 and 10 talented mathematicians enjoyed an inspiring day at Loughborough University looking at Codes and Coding. After an initial team challenge the students continued to enjoy sessions looking at the following:-

  • strategies that could be employed to assist problem solving
  • how seemingly impossible cube roots can easily be found
  • how internet security is based on the products of prime numbers, finding remainders using a different modulus and coding and decoding methods
  • mechanisms for easily working on which day of the week any day is or was this year and then any day in history

Many talented mathematicians form Years 7 to 10 also took part in a practical problem solving session with speakers from Thermo Fisher Scientific. This session looked at how real maths is used every day in the distribution and logisitics industry. The speakers were able to present real life information to students and then describe how they need to use this in their everyday jobs to ensure the business works to its most efficient. The speakers described how they work with different customers in different countries, each of which requires amounts of items in different quantities within one unit. Students were presented with scenarios and they had to work as a team to load a palette of goods effectively which would then be loaded onto a lorry of specified dimensions and how long the transported goods would be expected to last the customer. The mathematics used challenged our students and many of them were able to provide well-thought out solutions. 

Mr Sleath, Maths