Year 7 Inter-House Cross Country

Posted on: September 27th 2019College Events


On the morning of Friday 27 September 2019 we held our Year 7 Inter-House Cross Country Run. The girls set off first, followed shortly by the boys.

The students completed a one-mile course with their peers cheering them on, creating a great atmosphere of support completed by relief at crossing the finish line!

Congratulations to winners Ava (7C2) and Harry (7C2).

The top 5 in each race were:

1 - Ava (7C2)
2 - Elizabeth (7F1)
3 - Isla (7C1)
4 - Isabelle (7S1)
5 - Imogen (7C1)

Harry (7C2)
Callum (7C2)
Nouri (7S1)
Lewis (7M1)
Cameron (7S2)

Well done to all students for completing the race and participating with such enthusiasm.