Aldi Group Managing Director Visit

Posted on: September 30th 2019College Events


Students studying A Level Business, Economics and Religious Studies spent the morning hearing from Oliver King, Group Managing Director of Aldi in the UK.  Oliver, who himself is a former De Lisle student, spoke to students about his career journey since leaving De Lisle, as well as his current role at Aldi, the history of the company and developments in the sector. 

As well as sharing anecdotes from his time at De Lisle, Oliver took a number of questions from students on topics ranging from the retail sector’s approach to Brexit to product branding and how Aldi are working to further develop sustainability in their product lines and combat food waste.  Students also took part in a quiz, with some unique prizes on offer, and sampled some Aldi products.  

We are very grateful to Oliver for his time and the unique insight he offered into the retail sector, including the clear overview of the career opportunities that may be available to students in the future.