From our foundation in 1959 to the present, De Lisle College exists to serve the Catholic communities of north Leicestershire. As a Catholic school, Christ is very much at the centre of everything we do. Through the integration of Gospel values into the fabric of school life, we strive to nurture young people who respect the dignity of all human life, who are committed to working for the common good, and who are able to find meaning and contentment in their lives, sustained by a deepening sense of spirituality.

We are committed to providing a rigorous liberal arts education for all our students, drawing on the “best that has been thought and said” from across the humanities and sciences. In addition to being fully literate and numerate when they leave school, we believe that all young people have an entitlement to understand the historical events that have shaped society, to appreciate the physical and social geography of our world, to be able to apply the insights of science to the wonders of the universe, and to have a grasp of languages other than English. We believe that an extensive, knowledge-based curriculum, far from being the preserve of an academic elite, is the right of every student at De Lisle College. It is our mission as a Catholic school to provide a stimulating environment in which all students are challenged to uncover their God-given talents and develop them to the full. Our dedicated staff are relentless in supporting students to meet our high expectations of behaviour, work ethic and rates of progress.

Our college motto, “Quod justum, non quod utile”, aptly encapsulates the ethos of De Lisle College. We translate it as: “Do what is right, not what is easy.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, which I hope will provide you with an insight into life at De Lisle College. You are cordially invited to visit the college in person and experience for yourself the friendliness and warmth of our community. I look forward to meeting you.

Dr J F Pye



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