The Big (remote) De Lisle Fundraiser

Hello De Lisle staff and students - we think it’s time for a challenge!

During the final half term of this academic year the Sixth Form Committee are challenging you to raise as much money as possible for charity whilst stuck at home. This is a difficult time for us all, but some people will be finding it harder than others. It is important that we support the charities who are looking after the most vulnerable members of our community and make sure that they can continue their crucial work.

Here is some more information from the charity we have chosen to support...

Leicester Hospitals Charity:  

We really need your support – now, more than ever before.

That’s why you can now donate to our emergency COVID-19 Response Fund. The spread of coronavirus is affecting all of our lives. But while we make sense of this new reality, our hospital staff are all facing extreme pressures.

At this challenging time for us all, we’re determined to do everything we can to support the remarkable hospital staff leading the fight on the front line, while also helping vulnerable patients and their families. By donating to this fund, you’ll be providing emergency funds to help hospital staff across all three of our hospitals cope with the extraordinary demands of fighting this pandemic.

So, what can you do to help?

It's simple really, we are encouraging you to take on a challenge during the remaining 4 weeks of this term, related to the number 4. Examples include;

  • Baking a cake every week for 4 weeks and selling them to your family or friends as a way of raising money.
  • Walk, run or cycle 4, 40, or even 400km and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.
  • Learn how to play 4 songs on a musical instrument, write 4 poems or even read 4 books in 4 weeks.
  • Do 4 extra jobs around the house (i.e. washing the car, doing the dishes after dinner or cooking a meal) and ask your parents or carers to donate some money in return.

Once you have completed your challenge, upload the donations from your family and friends to the JustGiving page, or share this link with them so they can donate during your challenge. We would love for you to share your challenges with other students and staff to inspire them to get involved too (you can share them with us at or @delisleacademy on twitter with #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser). Your efforts and the college’s progress will be continually updated via the website and twitter page.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing what challenges you get up to!

The De Lisle Sixth Form Committee


Some challenges so far

Participating in this challenge are members of our Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Charley 15 06

Charley (Head Girl) is running 40km every week for four weeks and asking her friends and family to sponsor her for #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser.




Ciara (Deputy Head Girl) is doing 4000 keepie-uppies every week for 4 weeks:

Holly 17 06

Holly (Senior Prefect) is doing four pieces of commissioned artwork for her family and friends, in return for donations to #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser! Holly's mum is a nurse so she knows just how important the work of @DrFoxLHC is! 




Luke combinedLuke (Deputy Head Boy) is cooking meals for family members, including those who have been isolating since the start of lockdown, and running 4k every week for four weeks, as his challenge.


Cheng 21 06Cheng in Year 12 is doing 2000 full-court layups in four weeks to help us raise money for Leicester Hospitals Charity!




Caitlin 21 06Caitlin in Year 12 is washing some cars in return for donations as part of #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser





Emma in Year 10 is doing 1000 keepie-uppies every week for four weeks as part of #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser :

Get Involved Guide!

This is how you can help us to raise money for Leicester Hospitals Charity:

1. Pick a challenge to complete (This could be related to the number four as there are four weeks left of term!)

2. Tell your friends and family about your challenge

‘As part of #TheBigDeLisleFundraiser I will be (insert challenge here) to help my school community to raise lots of money for Leicester Hospitals Charity. You can donate money to this important cause at: Find out more at or on twitter @delisleacademy '

3. Complete your challenge and share your progress online or with us at