Home Learning Help

In the event of school closure, students are expected to follow their daily timetable at home, as far as possible.  Students must complete work for each subject, details of which can be found in the folder labelled “Weekly Resources”.

Students may be required to submit work for their teacher to check.  This can be done by uploading the work to the folder for their teaching group located in the “Work Submission” folder.

Logging in and accessing work

In order to get further guidance on how to log in to your school email click here.

For a video to help you understand how best to use the weekly resources click here.

For help on how to submit work to your teacher using the work submission links click here

Help Videos

For help on downloading and editing work click here.

For help on how to upload a photo of work click here.

If you are having trouble trying to access the work submission folders click here.

From Monday 27 April there is a new system for submitting your work to your teacher. Please watch the help video for this by clicking here
Please ensure you click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page once you have uploaded your work.

Before submitting your work please ensure you are logged in to your email and OneDrive account through Office 365 on a separate tab (see help video above on accessing the work submission folders).

If you are still having trouble accessing the resources or submitting work please email: ithelp@delisle.leics.sch.uk

Online Safety

Please click the following link for online safety tips for parents.