Student Quotes


'Today's Act of Worship made me feel like I should set myself more challenges.'

 Robert Year 9.

'I thought that it was very inspiring and I can't wait to find out about other peoples challenges and how they overcame them.'

 Emily Year 9.

'Today's reflection made me feel more confident because by knowing that if I set challenges and complete them then I know that I have more of a chance at completing my dream goal.'

Alex Year 9.

'It made me feel loved but it also made me understand the challenges ahead in life. It helped me to realise that no-one is alone.'

 Daisy Year 8.

'It made me feel saddened as there are a lot people having to face different problems every day.'

 Crystal Year 7.

'It made me think about the challenges of working from home and motivating myself to work hard. It also made me think about others in very difficult situations right now.'

 Harry Year 8.

'Today's reflection makes me feel happy and calm, I think this shows that people that people shouldn't always look at the negative side of things they should look at the positive and more mental strategies.'

Ruby Year 7.

'Today's reflection made me want to try newer stuff above my range of skill that I have gotten in my life.'

Will Year 9.