Y11 Physical Education

Below you will find information on what you have covered during your course and how you will be assessed.

In my mock examination I will be asked to show I can...

Paper 1

  • Identify bones, the functions of the skeleton, and label and explain components of a synovial joint
  • Identify muscles of the body and antagonistic pairs
  • Analyse movement accurately, including joint actions (flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, circumduction)
  • Identify levers, planes and axes of movement in relation to sport
  • Explain the cardio-respiratory system – the pathway of air and gaseous exchange, blood vessels, the structure of the heart and the pathway of blood, cardiac output, mechanics of breathing, spirometer traces
  • Evaluate whether exercise is anaerobic or aerobic, including how we recover after exercise using EPOC
  • List immediate, short-term and long-term effects of exercise
  • Explain components of fitness, linking them to sports
  • Explain how to conduct fitness testing and their limitations
  • Use principles of training – SPORT FITT – to improve performance
  • Evaluate types of training; their advantages and disadvantages

Paper 2

  • Explain the relationship between physical, mental and social health and well-being
  • Explain the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and how to prevent it
  • Classify obesity and explain the impact on performance
  • Evaluate how performers use energy and diet to improve performance.
  • Evaluate performance and outcome goals and use the SMART acronym to set goals

Classify skills successfully on gross-fine, open-closed, self-externally paced; basic-complex continua

How will I be assessed?

Title or Topic Format Length Date
Paper 1 Multiple choice, short answer, long answer 75 minutes Fri 26 Nov 1.40pm
Paper 2 Multiple choice, short answer, long answer 75 minutes Thu 2 Dec 9am


What should I do to revise and prepare for this assessment?

To prepare for this assessment:

  1. Use the knowledge organisers in your Paper 1 and 2 work booklets to revise key words and definitions; look, cover, write, check
  2. Use GCSE pod for short video revision to help you consolidate key words and definitions
  3. Use exam questions and mark schemes to familiarise yourself with terminology

What useful websites/resources could I use to help me prepare?

GCSE Pod videos are a great way to consolidate key knowledge.

Past exam papers and mark schemes.

Past papers and mark schemes can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3lspbwb