Y11 Psychology

Below you will find information on what you have covered during your course and how you will be assessed.

In my mock examination I will be asked to show I can...

Paper one


  • Outline/ draw The multistore model of memory
  • Explain Types of amnesia
  • Give details for Bartlett’s study on reconstructive memory

Social Influence

  • Explain reasons for Obedience
  • Explain what is meant by Locus of control
  • Give evaluations of Milgram’s study


  • Explain Types of anti-depressants
  • Give details for Genetic explanation of uni-polar depression
  • Outline CBT as a treatment

​Research methods

  • Explain Reliability and validity
  • Outline Lab, field and natural experiments, including strengths and weaknesses for each
  • Explain Types of observations
  • Find the range, mean, median and mode


  • Find and explain functions of different areas of the brain
  • Describe/draw Synaptic transition
  • Explain Strengths and weaknesses of the case of Phineas Gage

Paper two

Criminal Psychology:

  • Details for EPQ, including strengths and weaknesses, relating to a new situation
  • Explain Biological explanations to Criminal behaviour
  • Token economy as a treatment to recidivism

Sleep and Dreaming

  • Explain Stages of sleep
  • Give details on Internal influences on sleep: circadian rhythms


How will I be assessed?

Title or Topic Format Length Date
Paper 1 – 1PS0/01 Written paper 60 minutes Fri 26 Nov 1.40pm
Paper 2 – 1PS0/02 Written paper 30 minutes Tue 30 Nov 1.40pm


What should I do to revise and prepare for this assessment?

To prepare for this assessment:

  1. Read over notes
  2. Read over the spec and highlight areas you are unsure of 
  3. Do not revise content you are confident on.
  4. Read through your notes and make revision cue cards.  This does not mean writing everything out in full, in smaller writing and on a small card.  Condense your notes.

What useful websites/resources could I use to help me prepare?

How to Revise for GCSE Psychology | Quizlet  - make sure you click on Edexcel