On Friday 17 March, a group of final year students, studying an Aeronautical Engineering Master’s degree from Loughborough University, visited the school to speak to thirty Year 10 students.

The talk was arranged for our STEM Pathway students, made up of those taking GCSE Triple Science and Computer Science, and was a chance to hear a presentation about the university students’ project – to design a modern plane capable of landing on water.  As well as a very interesting presentation, the university students prepared a quiz about the science behind planes.  In groups, there was time for questions about studying at university – as well as a chance to try out a flight simulator which had been brought into school.

The talk was very engaging and gave a great insight into studying aeronautical engineering, as well as the students’ university experience as a whole.

Many thanks to Naomi and her final year project group, which included former De Lisle student Ronan.