Visit From Former Student

We were pleased to be visited by former De Lisle student Luke, who is currently in his second year of a Civil Engineering degree at Loughborough University.  Luke spoke to students about his time at De Lisle, choosing his A levels (Geography, Physics and Maths), and how he decided to study Civil Engineering.

As well as talking about his current degree studies, Luke also spoke about being sponsored by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and what it was like to take part in their QUEST scholarship programme.  Via this scheme, Luke was placed at the Environment Agency where he has seen engineering projects delivered in communities, such as flood defence walls being built in Matlock.  Following this, Luke is looking forward to a year in industry with the Environment Agency and is volunteering as a STEM Ambassador.

Luke’s presentation also included interesting facts and videos about engineering projects around the country, and how climate change and sustainability are key areas of importance for this sector.  We always like to hear about the successes of former students, and it was great for current students to hear about the journey Luke has been on since completing his A levels.

Students with an interest in Civil Engineering can read more via:

Mr C Greenwood