Exam stress workshops for Years 11 and 13

De Lisle is fortunate to have secured the support of Bloom, a mental health organisation offering support to young people and their families, for students in years 11 and 13. On Tuesday 7 February the programme began with two tutor groups in year 11, who were taught about how to manage stress during times of pressure – most notably during the exam season. Sarah, our presenter, helped the students to explore some strategies for managing stress, as well as explaining why it is we feel stress in the first place.

All students in year 11 and 13 will have these workshops with Sarah over the coming weeks. Alongside this, Bloom offers support for parents, to help them to have conversations about mental health with their children; to find strategies to help children with stress and other mental health worries and to support parents with their own mental health concerns. Details about this are in the letter attached. Parents of all year groups are welcome to explore this source of support for themselves.

Mrs R Jinks

Parent Hub Letter For Bloom Lite Participating Schools 2 (1)