Thank you to Richard and Johnny from “Good News for all” who came to speak to students in years seven, eight and nine in their act of worship last week. Richard spoke to students about William Tyndale, who was executed in 1536 for heresey. His “crime” was translating the Bible into English so that people could read it for themselves, at a time when it was otherwise only available in Latin. This was an incredibly dangerous act, since it was illegal – William Tyndale paid the ultimate price for his conviction that every person should be able to read the Bible for themselves.

Richard and Johnny offered every young person a copy of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs should they wish to read the Bible for themselves. Richard’s skilled re-telling of William Tyndale’s life and faith engaged students who enjoyed guessing what William Tyndale had smuggled into England in flour packets. The answer was, of course, copies of the translated Bible. We admire and give thanks for those who have the conviction to stand up to defend faith and to bring the Good News to others.

Mrs R Jinks