We were delighted to be able to host the first ever Mandarin Excellence Programme evening on Tuesday 12th October.  The Year 7 students stunned the audience with their rendition in Chinese of Li Bai’ s poem, ‘Thoughts on a quiet night’, Leo and Matthew gave presentations in Chinese about their family and food they like eating, and Year 8 and 9 students demonstrated how they learn to read and write Chinese characters in lessons.  Mrs Aird tested parents on their knowledge about China and also gave them some tips about how to support our wonderful Mandarin students, as they study hard to master one of the world’s most difficult languages.

The Mandarin Excellence Programme is a prestigious national programme that has been run at De Lisle since September 2019.  We now have students in Years 7, 8 and 9, and a large group of Sixth Formers who are studying to complete HSK Level 1.

Many thanks to all those who attended the evening, to the catering staff, who provided delicious Chinese snacks, and also to the Y9 Mandarin students, who helped set up and serve refreshments.