On Friday 21st April, year 9 and 10 Mandarin students went to London to experience both modern and ancient Chinese culture and history.

We began in the British Museum, where we learnt about Ancient China and its dynasties.  We then saw some jade artefacts and learned about their significance to China.

After the museum, we walked to Chinatown.  We toured around and learned about the history of Chinatown and its surrounding locations.  We then went to an exquisite Chinese restaurant, where we tried, many for the first time, authentic Chinese cuisine.

We concluded our trip with a half-hour adventure through Chinatown, where many of us bought bubble tea and other Chinese delicacies.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it gave us an insight into the culture behind the language we are learning.  It also gave us a helpful idea of what our trip to Taiwan in October could be like.

Matthew and Inigo