We are pleased to be working with the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), to promote their work and the range of careers linked to this project. The NRC is a new 70 bed NHS rehabilitation facility set to be built on the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate near Loughborough. As part of this development project, students will hear about the work going into both the planning and construction phase, and, in the future, healthcare and rehabilitation roles.

On Friday 9 December, we were joined in school by Sean King and Clive Medden, project managers from Hillstreet UK, when a group of Year 8 students took time from their maths lesson to hear how civil engineering and construction roles are key in developing this site, and what skills are needed for a career in this sector of work. There were three activities for students: a practical, hands-on drainage task, that required teamwork and communication, an introduction to engineering equipment, to see how GPS and modelling works, and a group discussion, about careers and the world of work.

We hope to follow this up with further talks, as the local project develops, for a range of students.

As well as to Sean and Clive from Hillstreet UK, we are grateful to Sarah and Rachel from Clear Engagement, who have supported this initiative.

Read more about careers in construction via: https://www.goconstruct.org

Read more about healthcare career roles via: https://www.stepintothenhs.nhs.uk

You can also find out more about the NRC via: https://www.nationalrehabilitationcentre.nhs.uk and Hillstreet UK via: https://hillstreetuk.co.uk