Catholic Life

The Chaplaincy at De Lisle College is one of the ways that we support, care for and help grow our college community. Our Chaplain, along with other members of our college community, works to offer various opportunities to celebrate our Catholic faith in prayer and our daily lives.

1. We encourage our students and staff to grow in faith, by exploring our beliefs in Jesus Christ and his Church through: year group Acts of Worship, form time prayer and informal gatherings in the Chapel.

2. We offer a welcoming space where we can listen to our staff and students when they are in need of support and guidance, both with college issues and with things from outside of our community with which they are struggling.

3. We promote the need to support our global community, here in Loughborough and places of hardship all over our common home.

Our chapel sits at the entrance and the very heart of our community, its space providing a setting for Mass, for spiritual teaching and for community and individual prayer.

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Introducing our Chaplain

Bernadette is our College Lay Chaplain here at De Lisle.  She works to help promote the Catholic ethos and spiritual life of the staff and students.  Helping with RE lessons, extra curricular clubs and activities, preparing for Mass or getting ready for a retreat, there is a lot to get done, but she will always stop and make time for our students and staff if they need her.

Chaplaincy News

Please click on the photos below to read about our latest chaplaincy news.

13   St TA Launch Event     12b   Christmas Service     12a   Advent Collections     12 remembrance     

11 mizen     10 all saints mass     9 y7 briars oct 18     8 y7 welcome mass     

1 y13 leavers mass     7 notts eucharist 2     6 y7 briars     5 priest visits     

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