All Souls Day marks the beginning of a period in the Catholic Church dedicated to prayer for the Holy Souls.  We pray for all those people who have died, whose souls are undergoing the purification of purgatory before they enter heaven.  In Mexico, 2 November is a day of celebration, during which families gather to remember their deceased family members, to pray for them, and to celebrate their lives.  Some of the traditions of the Day of the Dead (as it is known in Mexico) may appear to be rather macabre – for example, families gather for candlelit celebrations in graveyards, and make colourful models of skulls and skeletons.  However, it is another expression of faith in God.  At De Lisle, the catering team decorated the dining room with traditional Mexican symbols, and served a delicious (and spicy) chilli with nachos.  Students and staff alike enjoyed a real feast!