“This trip was 真棒 (really good!). First we arrived at the Chinese supermarket.  We went inside in small groups with different teachers.  We bought some things from the shop and once we had paid, nearly everyone bought a bubble tea at the kiosk.  Next, we explored China Town and had a look out for Chinese characters on the signs of the shops and restaurants there.  Finally, we visited the ‘Ming Moon’ restaurant.  We all loved the food there.  For dessert, a lot of people had ice-cream and haribo (- not a very Chinese dessert, but a real crowd-pleaser! Ed.)  If we could rate the shop and restaurant, we would give the shop 4 stars, because though we couldn’t find anything as the shop was so big, it had bubble tea.  We would also give the restaurant 4 stars, as the food was good but some of it was too spicy.  This trip was extremely fun and we would all happily go again!”

Aiden and Eliza

More photos of the trip here.