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The College employs a full time Careers Co-ordinator who works with the college Tutor teams to support student applications and career transition through various pathways including apprenticeships, training, colleges and university. Our aim is to support career preparation and promote work related learning for our students.

For any Careers advice please contact:

Mrs H Hillier, Careers and Guidance Coordinator - Tel. 01509 268739 


National Apprenticeship Week 5th-9th March 2018


As part of the Government’s National Apprenticeship Week, the Careers department at De Lisle would like to direct you to some further information regarding apprenticeship schemes in the UK which may be particularly helpful for year 10, 11 and 13 students.  

The following websites give comprehensive apprenticeship information advice for both students and parents;


How can we help?

Our Careers Centre is open all day for students to visit and includes:

  • Access to computer programmes (including home user license) offering occupational information and opportunity for career and job exploration.
  • Access to UCAS and Unifrog (information on universities in the UK).

Support for all students includes:

  • A Careers Education Programme built into the Learning For Life curriculum.
  • A Work Placement opportunity for Y12 students.


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We also have regular visits by an adviser from Prospects to provide unbiased external careers advice and guidance. Student careers interviews can be arranged with the Prospects Adviser in college.

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 Local Labour Market Information for parents.

This link provides local information on the sectors, occupations and localities where job opportunities are on the increase, and the skills that are needed for them. 


Year 11 De Lisle Students

Please visit the following link to answer a few questions on your post 16 choices.

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Year 9 De Lisle Students

Please visit the following link to submit your KS4 subject options.

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