Mission Team Visit to John Storer House

Our mission in school for the last few weeks has been to bring in items to help support a local food bank called Your Store in Loughborough. We had so many generous donations from our staff and students with over 1000 items donated!

Before we dropped off all the donations from school the Lay Chaplains took 10 students from the Mission Team to Lidl to do a food shop to add to the  ‘Your Store’ donations.

The students got into teams of 5 and went around the store with a trolley and calculators. Their mission was to spend as close to £50 as possible. The students chose what we bought, from tins of beans, rice, pasta, and chopped tomatoes to nappies, baby shower gel, and sanitary products. It was a great learning experience for the students using their calculators to see how much they had spent, and there were even some surprises along the way such as the rising price of nappies and instant coffee. They all budgeted well and only went a pound or two over their budgets.

Once all the products were paid for, we packaged them and put them in the De Lisle minibus. Now, next stop, ‘Your Store’. When we arrived at ‘Your Store’ we offloaded the items we bought from Lidl along with all of the donations we collected as a school community, from the minibus into the shop.

From there, we were given a talk from one of the members of staff. She told us that anyone can use the store and she spoke about the donations the store gets given as well as how many individuals use the shop on a weekly basis. The students got the opportunity to ask any questions and look around building. We were surprised to see that there is a cafe attached to the store. the staff member told us that the cafe can be used by anyone, and that the money made in the cafe gets used to buy items to then sell on at ‘Your Store’.

It was a great morning and smiles all round.