At De Lisle College, we are passionate about supporting students through the process of deciding upon the direction they take after finishing school. We provide impartial guidance and advice on further education, training or employment in the local labour market across KS3 and KS4. We involve many outside agencies such as employers and education providers.

The College employs a member of staff who is fully qualified to offer careers advice and guidance to the whole school, including Sixth Form, alongside the tutor teams who also support student applications and career transition through various pathways including apprenticeships, training, colleges and university. Our aim is to support career preparation and promote work related learning for our students.

For any careers advice, please contact our dedicated careers email address: or individual staff named below:

Chris Greenwood, Sixth Form/Careers and Guidance Officer:

Phone: 01509 268739

We welcome enquiries from local providers and employers to enhance the opportunities for students at De Lisle College.  Our Careers Policy Statement on Provider Access can be found here.  For any queries relating to this please contact:

Mrs H Tyers, Assistant Headteacher/Careers Lead:

Phone: 01509 268739

How can we help?

Our Careers Centre is staffed and open at specific times, such as dedicated lunch and prep times, which will be made known to students so they can visit on a drop-in basis.  They are welcome to use this space for:

• Access to relevant websites, such as college/university websites and other useful online careers-related resources.

• Access to UCAS and Unifrog (which provides comprehensive information on careers, live apprenticeship vacancies, and information relating to both further and higher education).

• Access to prospectuses and printed materials (including for a range of universities and local post-16 providers).

• Up to date information on apprenticeship vacancies and open days for a range of local post-16 providers.

In addition to drop-in support, students can request careers appointments independently, by visiting the Careers Centre, or be referred by a form tutor/YPL/parent (parents are welcome to contact to request this).  All students will have access to support when a significant decision point is reached.  We aim to provide all students with at least one appointment before the age of 16 and the opportunity for further appointments between 16-18.

Support for all students also includes:

• A Careers Education Programme built into the Learning For Life curriculum as detailed below.

• A Work Placement opportunity for Year 12 students.

• Workplace visits/employer encounters for Year 10 students.

An Overview of the Careers Education Programme for KS3 and KS4

7 Series of introductory Learning for Life lessons (including jobs, careers, roles and income) Introduction to Higher Education – delivered by a local university.
8 STEM event delivered by an employer. Series of Learning for Life lessons (including stereotyping and careers research) Key Stage 4 options: introductory talk – delivered by a local university.
9 Series of Learning for Life Lessons (with a focus on preparation for Key Stage 4 options including local labour market information).

Key Stage 4 Options talk: “choosing your GCSEs”– delivered by a local university.

Apprenticeships talk – delivered by an external provider.

Into Key Stage 4 information evening for parents and students.

Parents Evening – careers presence.

Subject taster lessons.

“Encounters with Business” – talks delivered by employers and employees.
10 Series of Learning for Life lessons and entrepreneurship. “Encounters with Business” – talks delivered by employers and employees.

Parents Evening – careers presence.

Key Stage 4 Study Skills and Post-16 Options – talk delivered by a local university.

NCS presentation.

11 Series of Learning for Life Lessons (including local labour market information, CV writing, post-16 applications, interview skills and career planning).

Post-16 Information Evening.

Parents Evening – careers presence.

Post-16 Options Talk – delivered by a local university.

NCS presentation.

CV’s / Apprenticeships / Employability Skills / Mock Interview Morning. Post-16 Pre-Induction Event.

Results day support.

There will also be a rolling programme of Unifrog-based sessions for all year groups in ICT rooms throughout the year, as well as a programme of 1:1 Interviews (which will be supplemented by regular drop-in opportunities in the Careers Centre).

In addition to the above CEIAG programme for all students there will be a range of targeted and optional opportunities and events in all year groups.

Previous examples have included:

  • Year 9 and 10 university experience visits
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 STEM-career lunchtime clubs
  • Various visiting guest speakers from a range of sectors
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Oxbridge visits and workshops

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