Welcome to De Lisle College Library

The College Library is the heart of the College, a hub of activity that is a very popular place for students to discover, read, learn and relax.

The Library is a hugely important part of College life, supporting the academic study of our students but also their emotional and extra-curricular wellbeing. We have an extensive range of fiction, non-fiction, study guides, computers plus many clubs and activities to suit the interests of every student.

Our Staff

The College Library is managed by our enthusiastic Librarian Mrs Badock, a qualified Librarian with 20 years experience. Mrs Badock is assisted at break and lunchtimes by an eager group of student librarians. The students help out with issuing and returning resources, helping staff and students find books, making suggestions for new books and improving and developing the Library. There is a high demand to become a student librarian but all students are welcome to apply if they would like to be part of the team. Student librarians will develop a wide variety of skills and valuable experience of responsibility, much valued by future employers and universities.

Our Library

The Library is your gateway to a wealth of resources of over 14,000 books, along with newspapers, magazines, archive press cuttings and a networked computer system for online study and research.

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

How many books can I borrow?

Years 7-11 2 items for 2 weeks
Sixth Form 6 items for 2 weeks

How to borrow & return books?

Take the item to the issuing desk and ask the Librarian on duty if you can borrow or return your item. Returns can also be posted in the returns box on the Library door. If you need to borrow your item for longer, call in and ask the Librarian to renew and restamp your book.

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