Over the course of 5 weeks, a group of 21 Year 9 and 10 students have been working towards a nationally recognised CREST Award.  The Bronze CREST Award introduces students to project work, empowering them to work like real scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians. Students choose their own topic and methodologies, giving them freedom over their work.

Students took part in 5 2-hour after-school workshops where they researched, planned, carried out and evaluated a project linked to GCSE chemistry via the creation and testing of bath fizzers.  The sessions were led by PhD students Megan and Ollie and supported by staff from Pathways, including Andrea and Ravneet, and student ambassadors from Loughborough University.  Throughout the course of the 5 weeks, students demonstrated skills of research, planning, group work and reflection.  The students really enjoyed the practical nature of the workshops and the opportunity to work alongside PhD students and undergraduate student ambassadors.

The final week saw students attend a celebration event at Loughborough University.  This included a campus tour, visit to the STEM Labs and prizes and awards for students based on their experiments.  Congratulations go to all students for completing the work, and to Eric, Anish M, Isobel and Gazel for winning individual prizes.

We are grateful to Andrea and Ravneet from Pathways for their planning and organisation of the programme, Megan and Ollie for running each of the sessions, and the student ambassadors for their enthusiastic support each week.

You can read more about the CREST Award via: https://www.crestawards.org/crest-bronze

Further information about Pathways can be found via: https://www.pathwaystohe.ac.uk/

Mr C Greenwood