Year 7 Inspirational Speaker

This morning, Year 7 were treated to an inspirational talk by Jasmine Harrison, a 23-year-old who recently swam 900 miles from Land’s End in Cornwall up to John O’Groats in Caithness becoming the first woman to swim the full length of Britain.

Jasmine, originally from Thirsk, swam between four and twelve hours a day often in two shifts for 110 days in total, only broken up by eating and sleeping in her support boat.

This is her second remarkable world record as in 2021, aged 21, she became the youngest woman in the world to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Speaking about her latest challenge, Jasmine said:

“This challenge has further inspired me to work with organisations driven by protecting the environment and I hope that by doing this I have inspired others and shown that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible and you can overcome any obstacles that are put in your way.”

Comments from our students:

Safa: I like how Jasmine said that even if she found something difficult, she still tried to do it. I like that she used her talents to do what she loved. 

Emma: Jasmine is really inspiring because she kept persevering even when times were tough and because she enjoyed herself even when times were difficult. 

Amara: I like how Jasmine is a really outgoing person, who goes against the grain and does things that no-one else does. 

Piers: Jasmine persevered and was really resilient, despite going through a lot of pain, she kept going. 

Sam: It was inspiring that Jasmine went out and did something rather than just staying in and doing nothing. She’s inspiring to other people.