Sports Day at Loughborough University

Students and staff members celebrated Sports Day on De Lisle’s front field (Wednesday) and Loughborough University’s international athletics stadium yesterday. During the competition the lead was held at different times by each of the four houses as athletes competed in various track and field events throughout the afternoon.

It was fitting that, on the feast day of St Thomas More and St John Fisher, it was More house who finished on top; a combination of some excellent individual performances and a number of students who showed grit and determination to accrue points for their house in the different events.

There were also four school records broken (some going back as far as 2005!). Huge congratulations to the students highlighted below, who received a medal to commemorate their success:

• Bethan – Year 9 800m
• Phoebe – Year 8 1500m
• Jeffrey – Year 8 400m
• Betty – Year 9 300m

The final standings for sports day were as follows:

1st More 843 points
2nd Clitherow 823 points
3rd Fisher 795 points
4th Sherwin 755 points

Many thanks to the university for allowing our students to showcase their talents on an international stage and to the staff who ran events and accompanied the students on the walk to and from the stadium. Finally, well done to the students. In fierce heat they were a credit to the school and the atmosphere and experiences will live long in the memories of those involved.