Y11 Drama

Below you will find information on what you have covered during your course and how you will be assessed.

In my mock examination I will be asked to show I can demonstrate my knowledge of...

  • Create a perform a devised piece from a stimulus.
  • Work collaboratively to perform communicating relationships.
  • Sustain a character performance and engage an audience.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of the seven performance skills.
  • Explore the main themes of The Crucible.
  • Outline my approach to The Crucible as a director, designer and performer.
  • Outline and justify creative decisions.
  • Analyse and evaluate live theatre.

How will I be assessed?

Title or Topic Format Length Date
Paper 1 – Devised Performance Practical 30 minutes Tue 30 Nov 11am
Paper 2 – The Crucible Written Paper 80 minutes Fri 26 Nov 1.40pm
Paper 3 – Live Theatre Review Written Paper 30 minutes Thu 2 Dec 9am


What should I do to revise and prepare for this assessment?

To prepare for this assessment:

  1. Use your knowledge organisers to revise The Crucible.
  2. Look at the exam question booklet to familiarise yourself with the exam style questions.
  3. Use your terminology booklets to revise specialist language.
  4. Create a mind map that explores ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’
  5. Create a design for The Crucible that you can explain and justify.
  6. Revise your devised script and develop your character to ensure it reflects depth.
  7. Revisit the ‘Performance Skills’ lessons and ensure that you effectively apply skills to your performance.

What useful websites/resources could I use to help me prepare?



One Drive: DRAMA KS4 Advent assessment revision.