Below you will find an outline of the curriculum content delivered across the year. Please be aware that this is only an outline, and therefore at times content may cut across different half terms or may be moved as required. For a detailed breakdown of what you will be tested on in the assessment windows, please check the year group page.

Year 11 Content
Advent 1 Students will complete the final parts of the biopsychology topic, including


  •  The central nervous system
  • Structure and function of neurons and synapses
  • Impact of neurological damage
  • Assess how Psychology has changed over time.
Advent 2
  •  Criminal Psychology which includes
  • Learning theories to explain criminality
  • Biological explanations of criminality
  • Effects of punishments on reoffending
  • Treatments used as a method to avoid reoffending
  • Key studies such as the Bobo doll.


Lent 1 Sleep and dreaming which includes-

  •  Features, functions, and benefits of sleep
  • Sleep disorders
  • Freudian theory of dreaming
  • Key studies on sleep


Lent 2 Revision
Trinity 1 Revision
Trinity 2 Revision