Y11 English Language

Below you will find information on what you have covered during your course and how you will be assessed.

In my mock examination I will be asked to show I can...

  • Identify key points from a text
  • Analyse the impact of language and structure
  • Evaluate a text using the adverbs ‘successfully’ ‘masterfully’ ‘skilfully’
  • Synthesise two texts and look at them comparatively
  • Compare two texts on a similar theme looking at their language and ideas
  • Complete two difference pieces of non-fiction writing demonstrating a good understanding of purpose, audience, format and tone
  • Write with a velar understanding of audience
  • Consciously craft sentences
  • Use the because, but, so structure to organise your ideas

How will I be assessed?

Title or Topic Format Length Date
Paper 1 – Component 2 Reading Written Paper 60 minutes Thu 18 Nov 9am
Paper 2 – Component 2 Writing Written Paper 60 minutes Thu 18 Nov 9am


What should I do to revise and prepare for this assessment?

To prepare for this assessment:

  1. Read the cognitive cards on the Year 11 revision page on the De Lisle website to revise the different types of reading questions
  2. Use the sample papers in the Language revision guide
  3. Read through the classwork from September 2021
  4. Work out the PAFT of the writing tasks in the revision guide. Practise structuring and planning writing.
  5. Use Educake to practice skills for component 2

What useful websites/resources could I use to help me prepare?