Y11 History

Below you will find information on what you have covered during your course and how you will be assessed.

In my mock examination I will be asked to show I can...

Paper 1 Medicine Through time:

Be able to answer short and long essay style questions Explaining how medicine changed or stayed the same in the following periods:

  • c1250–c1500: Medicine in medieval England:
  • c1500–c1700: The Medical Renaissance in England:
  • c1700–c1900: Medicine in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain
  • c1900–present: Medicine in modern Britain
  • You must be able to consider both changes in Cause, Prevention and treatment, as well as the importance of different factors such as education, key individuals, government, science and technology.
  • You need to be able to answer source questions on battlefield medicine on the western front. Including developments in treatments, wounds caused by the weapons, illnesses caused by conditions and the evacuation process.


Paper 2 Anglo Saxon and Norman England:

You need to be able to describe and explain changes and events in the period 1060-188 including the following key areas:

  • Saxon England 1060-66
  • 1066 including the succession crisis, the Battles of Fulford Gate, Stamford Bridge and Hastings.
  • 1067-1075 William securing control. Including the rebellions of Edwin and Morcar, Edgar Atheling, Hereward the Wake and the rebellion of the Earls.
  • 1075-1088 Norman England including changes to the law, land, society, church and Williams family.


Paper 3 the Cold War:

You need to be able to write a narrative account and explain the importance or consequences of key events including:

  • The origins of the Cold War, 1941–58 – Peace conferences, iron curtain, Truman Doctrine, Berlin Crisis, Hungarian uprising, NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • Cold War crises, 1958–70 – Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • The end of the Cold War, 1970–91 – Détente, Afghanistan, Raegan, Gorbachev and the collapse of communism.

How will I be assessed?

Title or Topic Format Length Date
Paper 1 –  Medicine Through Time Written Paper 75 minutes Tue 23 Nov 1.40pm
Paper 2 – Normans Written Paper 50 minutes Mon 29 Nov 11am
Paper 3 – Cold War Written Paper 50 minutes Wed 1 Dec 1.40pm


What should I do to revise and prepare for this assessment?

To prepare for this assessment:

  1. Use the practice exam questions booklet to plan essays that could come up.
  2. Ensure that you can answer all the questions in the back of your medicine content booklet and the questions in the Cold War Booklet
  3. Learn all the questions in your knowledge organiser using look, cover, write, check.
  4. Read over notes from each lesson and the booklets for each module.

What useful websites/resources could I use to help me prepare?