Below you will find an outline of the curriculum content delivered across the year. Please be aware that this is only an outline, and therefore at times content may cut across different half terms or may be moved as required. For a detailed breakdown of what you will be tested on in the assessment windows, please check the year group page.

Year 12 Content
Advent 1 Students in year 12 will have two teachers who will share the delivery of the Research Methods topic and the subsequently take their own separate topics.

Research Methods topics covered include:

  • Types of experiments
  • Research designs
  • Observations
  • Non experimental methods
  • Ethics
  • Types of data
  • Sampling
  • End of topic test
Advent 2 Teacher 1 will deliver the topic Social Influence which includes:


  • Conformity
  • Obedience
  • Resistance to social influence
  • The role of minority influence
  • Social influence and social change.
  • End of topic test


Teacher 2 will be covering Approaches in Psychology which includes

  •  The Biological Approach
  • The Learning Theories
  • The Cognitive Approach
  • The Psychodynamic Approach
  • The Humanistic Approach
  • Comparison of Approaches
  • End of topic test


Lent 1 Teacher 1 will be covering


  • Attachment which includes explanations of attachment, animal studies of attachment
  • Stages of attachment
  • Role of the father
  • Animal studies of attachment
  • Types of attachment
  • Cultural variations in attachment
  • Maternal Deprivation
  • Institutionalisation
  • The effects of childhood on adult relationships
  • End of topic test


Teacher 2 will deliver the topic of Memory which includes:


  • Models of memory
  • Nature of memory
  • Types of Long-Term Memory
  • Explanations for Forgetting
  • Eyewitness Testimony
  • Strategies to improve memory recall.
Lent 2 Teacher 1 will cover Psychopathology which includes


  • Clinical characteristics, explanations and treatments for OCD, Phobias and Depression.
  • Students will also consider definitions of abnormality.
  • Approaches to explaining and treating phobias, depression and OCD.
  • End of topic test.


Teacher 2 will cover Biopsychology Part 1 which includes


  • The nervous system
  • The endocrine system
  • Types of neurons
  • End of topic test.


Trinity 1 Teacher 1 will cover year 13 research methods


  • Case studies
  • Scientific process
  • Theory construction
  • Peer review
  • Psychology and the economy
  • Content analysis / thematic analysis


Teacher 2 will cover year 13 Biopsychology part 2


  • Localisation of function
  • Ways of studying the brain
  • Biological rhythms
  • End of topic test.
Trinity 2 Both teachers will deliver


  • Statistical testing in psychology
  • Reporting investigations in Psychology
  • Designing studies
  • End of topic test.